About Rose’s


Rose Rago came from the city of Genoa in northern Italy; at 5’2” she would be considered a tall woman by Old World Italian standards. Grandma Rose was married to a man from Sicily, in an arranged marriage. They settled in Brooklyn, New York. Together they raised a medium size family of two sons and two daughters. They went on to create a good size family. She was an artist at cooking, what we call “peasant dishes”. The biggest day of the week was Sunday, we would go over to Grandma Rose’s and she would cook a feast for us all. We sat 15 cousins, all the mothers and fathers, Grandma and Grandpa at one table. Everything made from scratch, even the wine was home made by my Grandfather, myself, and all the cousins. I spent much time in my formative years side by side with my Grandma learning and loving the art of food. I will always remember standing on a chair next to the stove stirring the sugo (gravy), classic Italian meat sauce, with the old Italian songs on the Victrola record player and having to say ( I love being Italian) over and over again with every stir. My Grandma loved her family with all her heart unconditionally; she shared that love with food that was prepared with endless hours of preparation and cooking. She taught me that love and food came from the same place…”YOUR HEART”.

My wife Donna and I moved to God’s Colorado in 2006. Settling in our beautiful town of Castle Rock. We love the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, the small town atmosphere, the amazing people of Castle Rock and Douglas County. The one thing we always missed was an old world Italian restaurant right in our own back yard. For years now we debated whether or not to open a restaurant.

After the recent passing of my sister Karen, I realized that life is too short, and true joy is doing what you love and then sharing that with others. Rose’s Bella Cucina was born out of love and passion for family and food, along with the pride of my Italian heritage. We share all of this with everyone that walks through our doors.

Welcome to our family and mangia bene, eat well.

– Steve Rago, Rose’s Bella Cucina